Hot Mend Teacher Training
17th June
Learn to teach & practice the incredible opening and expanding Kriya of 50+ postures in 90mins yoga sequences.

The Hot MEND class is a powerful sequence combined with a little heat that allows you to experience all the levels of your being while giving you the confidence to let go and expand. The sequence of 50+ postures along with the music you will  experience the dynamics of the postures, the nature alignments, kundalini & cardio which is extremely empowering. Hot MEND allows us to bridge the relationship with our core strength, ones flow and fluctuations of life to help you transcend in the way that is harmonious, rhythmical, and fun!

Mend Teacher Training

50hrs Yoga Alliance
Mend Teacher Training

Duration: 5.5 days

Date: 17 June – 22 June 2019

Monday to Friday 9am-5pm | Saturday 8am-1pm

Cost:   Before the 1st of June = 990 euros

After the 2nd June = 1200euros

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